Support Ukraine’s appeal to NATO to close the sky!

To the President of the United States

To the President of France

To the Chancellor of Germany

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

To the Secretary General of NATO

To the governments and parliaments of NATO member countries

 Ambassadors and the diplomatic corps of all NATO nations


Appeal from the labor collective TaeguTec Ukraine


We, the representatives of the International IMC Group, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the American company Berkshire Hathaway, appeal to you in support of the request of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to close the sky over Ukraine.


Thousands of dead and injured children, women, the elderly, destroyed hospitals, schools, kindergartens — such is the price of procrastination with the closing of the sky.

Support Ukraine’s appeal to NATO to close the sky!


You need to act immediately!


Director  Valeriy Zhovtobryukh,
on behalf of the staff in the amount of 50 people


Open letter in pdf format